Nearly 30 Years of Experience

Litigating Personal Injuries inĀ Orange County

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you deserve to be compensated.

Auto Accidents

You shouldn’t be burdened with astronomical medical bills if another driver’s negligence caused an accident in which you were injured. We can help.

Wrongful Death

There is nothing more tragic than a senseless death that could have been prevented. We’ll help you hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Premises Liability

If you have been injured on someone’s property due to unsafe conditions, you are likely eligible for filing a personal injury claim. Let us help you.


You don’t have to suffer alone. Call (714) 813-5433 to schedule a free appointment.


Cary S. Macy

Attorney Cary S. Macy is staunchly committed to representing victims of personal injury and securing the compensation they need to heal and move forward. Mr. Macy has been practicing law since 1988 and truly cares about the well-being of his clients. When you choose the Law Office of Cary S. Macy, you can rest assured you are being taken care of and heard.

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